Friday, June 3, 2016

Life Lately

Our June is starting off busy and getting busier.  We are traveling this month, visiting a lot of family, and busy with lots of weekday activities.

We drove home early on Tuesday from our trip to Pennsylvania.  At lunch time, Alice and Evie came over to play so their parents could move without kids being everywhere. :)

Trying to get four kids in a picture to look at the camera...

Sword fights are awesome

Love this baby!

Tuesday night we grilled out for dinner.  Most of our meals this week have looked like this- on the deck! :)  I love these warm days on the deck, not having to worry about the kids being too messy. :)

Ben is the grill master

I had to take a picture of this!  Wednesday at lunch, Caroline drank her first juice box by herself!!  I'm never good at figuring out milestones, so I have no idea if she is doing this early/late/on time, but I am so proud of her drinking the juice box by herself and not spilling. :)

Big girl :)

Thursday morning we skipped the gym and went to a playground instead.  That's what summer is about, right?  The girls had a blast running around for an hour; with swinging, sliding, and a rock wall.

Loving every minute

I thought it was big enough for two :)

I love the look of pure happiness on Caroline's face

Sorry my finger is in these pictures below.  As we were leaving the playground, we came across this giant turtle in the road.  In the second picture, the man picked it up and then it tried to bite him, that is his second (and successful) attempt at moving the turtle off the road.

After the playground, we ran by Harris Teeter to get a couple of deals I had coupons for.
The popcorn was on sale buy 2, get 3 free (priced at $2.65/box).
The ice cream was on sale 2/$6 (normally $4.99/box)

I had (4) 50cents off coupons for the popcorn that doubled to $1.
I had (2) 41 coupons for the ice cream plus a rain check that made them buy one get one free.

So the two boxes of popcorn were $0.65 each and the other three were free.
The two boxes of ice cream were $2 each and the other two were free.

So... I paid $5.50 for everything above!!! :)

Last night we brought back Thirsty Thursday!

This morning we went to Krispy Kreme (after the gym, ha!) and each grabbed a free doughnut.

Caroline really enjoyed her doughnut :)

This afternoon I got my pedicure :)

And after nap time, we walked around the neighborhood and jumped in puddles.

I love watching them walk around together

Happy Friday y'all!

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