Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weekend in Georgia!

On Friday morning we loaded up the car and headed to Georgia to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and niece!  We were doing a very quick trip down because Annalise was getting baptized!!  I will also add that we took 349053 pictures, so fair warning. :)

 We had a picnic lunch on our drive down on Friday.
We stopped at a rest stop and enjoyed a quick lunch in the sun.

 We also ran in the grass for a bit. :)

Friday night in our hotel, the girls were slightly wound up after being in the car for 12 hours...

We drove 12 hours on Friday and got to our hotel around 8:30pm.  After letting the girls play for a bit, we put them to bed and they finally fell asleep around 10pm.  Ben and I watched Netflix and enjoyed our beer/wine while the girls slept. :)

Saturday morning, we showered/dressed/ate breakfast and then headed to Andy and Lolly's house.  The kids immediately began playing and we got to catch up with everyone.

Caroline loved this rocking horse all weekend.

Lolly and Annalise

Ben and Andy

Elizabeth and Annalise enjoying the ball pit we sent Annalise for her birthday

Caroline also enjoyed this rocking cow

Lunch time with my sweet niece!!

The girls questioning their Uncle Andy

After lunch we headed to the city to see some friends I haven't seen in years

Happy birthday!

We tried to get a picture of the "big" can see it went well ;)

I miss these folks and I was so happy to see them!
Mark, Erika, Chris, Leslye, Me, and Ben :)

Us and all our kids :)

After our quick trip to Atlanta, we went back to Uncle Andy and Aunt Lolly's
After some pool time, Caroline was back on the cow

Hi Annalise!

After swimming and grilling, we headed back to our hotel.  Unlike Friday night, our girls went right to sleep and slept great all night. :)
Sunday morning, we got up bright and early and headed to Andy and Lolly's for breakfast before Annalise got baptized!

Good morning Uncle Andy and sweet Annalise!

Pictures with Uncle Andy :)

Our girls took over the toys

After breakfast, we got dressed for church

Andy is ready for church

Annalise is ready to get baptized!

Annalise getting baptized :)

She did not enjoy her walk around the church

Andy and Lolly joined the church as well!

Family pictures after church
Lolly's mom, Andy, Lolly, Annalise, Caroline, Me, Elizabeth, and Ben

Lolly, Annalise, and Andy ;)

We had a wonderful weekend in Georgia.  We were so happy to see so many people and definitely enjoyed every minute of our trip. :)

After church we changed clothes and then drove back to DC.  It took us 11 hours to get back, but we did get to listen to the Penguins win the Stanley Cup on our drive!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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