Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Life Lately...

I realized that I haven't blogged in awhile.  We had a lot going on in February AND have a lot going on in March.  I am trying to prepare for my first consignment sale and that is taking up all of my free time. We have been having fun, enjoying some celebrations, playing A LOT, having some house problems, and enjoying our warm days.

Caroline has become obsessed with Elsa.
She is constantly walking around with her gloves on to be just like Elsa.

 These bins are full of clothes from newborn- 2T.
I'm consigning all of it.
I am at 300 items and have two bins left.  

 We celebrated National Margarita day in style...

 I'm trying to get Caroline to smile at the camera, so I said "show me your teeth"
She is just the cutest!

 She loves collecting sticks

 Strike a pose

 Fishing :)

 She told me she caught a shark!

 Christmas jammies

 I'm experimenting with self tanner before my girls trip to the beach.
Just my opinion.

 I was in charge of snacks for Dr. Seuss day.
I got the printables on Pinterest.

Elizabeth wanted to be in the picture :)

 Apparently they took selfies with in the shopping cart at Target

 Ben made us green eggs and green pancakes for Dr. Seuss day.
Grown-ups can have fun too! :)

 These girls LOVE when Daddy reads to them at bedtime.

 We discovered a leak in one of our walls this weekend.
It has ruined a bathroom and the closet in a bedroom.
We have two giant dehumidifiers running right now and once they are done, we get to bring in the contractors.  Oh yay! being a homeowner is really fun sometimes...
Silly ladies
 Finally get a smile!
She is all about the silly selfies.

And that's life lately.

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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