Sunday, March 19, 2017

Snow Day!

We had a "snow day" last week that was made up of two inches of snow and three or four inches of ice.  Since we were originally supposed to get fourteen inches of snow, we were slightly disappointed in the snow/ice mix that we received.  Fortunately, the girls were able to enjoy some fun in the snow by making snow angels, playing with friends, and getting pulled around in our inflatable snow sled.

 Tuesday morning view of our deck.

 Mid-morning we ventured outside

 They tried to make snow angels...

 And throw snow balls...

 But it was mostly ice under the inch of snow.

 Which made snow angels and snow balls difficult

 Ben inflated our snow tube

 Caroline LOVED getting pulled around the street

 Elizabeth hopped on the back and had a blast too

The girls asked for hot chocolate and we were so surprised to come inside and find that Ben had setup all the hot chocolate fixings for us!  Elizabeth was so excited to make hot chocolate and Caroline was excited because Elizabeth was excited. :)

 Hot chocolate, whipped cream, and marshmellows

 Caroline's first (ever) hot chocolate

 She likes it!

 happy girl :)

 I splurged and had a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cool whip


We are ready for spring to be here tomorrow and hoping warmer weather is headed our way.

Happy Sunday y'all!

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