Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tips and Tricks for Air Travel

I am about to start my spring travel season and will be traveling four of the next five weekends.  Some of my travel is solo and some of it is with Ben and the girls.  I thought since Shay and Erika were talking about travel today, it would be fun to share my tips and tricks for traveling by air.

I totally relate to this, I'm sure I'm not the only one ;)

I am a notorious over-packer according to my family and close friends that have traveled with me.  However, all of these people have also asked me for things while traveling with me, so I say Ha ha! to them.  I don't consider myself an over-packer, I consider myself someone that "wants to be prepared for every single possible weather/delay/traffic/surprise possible while traveling".  I also am at a point in my life that I will not enjoy my traveling if I am not comfortable, so I take extra steps to be comfortable and have the things I need/want with me while I travel.  

So, here are my tips and tricks for air travel (without kids):

1. Make a list and check the weather.  I make a list for everything that I am going to need/think I am going to need/ and going to use while I am on my trip.  I am a super organized/type A person and I do best when I am packing from a list.  If you need some tips for creating lists, I recommend checking Pinterest.  Check the weather to help in making your list.  If it's going to rain, you will need an umbrella. :)

2. Take your time.  I try not to rush when packing my suitcase.  In every single instance where I was rushed, I either forgot something to take or left something on the trip.  Take your time.  Check your list.  I like to put everything on the bed, check it off my list, and then put everything into my suitcase once I have everything out that needs to be packed.

3. Bring your favorite things.  I like a specific shampoo, deodorant, contact solution, face wash, etc.  This goes back to being comfortable while traveling.  I bring travel size of my favorite toiletries so that I am comfortable and refreshed while traveling.

 I use Clinique and you can pick up their travel sized products anywhere you buy Clinique.

 All my travel hair products I grabbed at Ulta.
I keep the shampoo and conditioner bottles and refill them with my larger Redken products.

And I love Bath and Body Works lotion and body wash.
You can grab these in store or online.
Again, I can refill them with my larger BBW products.

All of these products are 3 ounces or smaller, so you can carry them on the flight 
(or check them in a checked bag and they take up less space)

4. Bring before-flight/in-flight entertainment.  I load up my kindle with several new books, pack a deck of cards, add some new games to my phone, and even grab a paper copy of Sudoku games and a pen (just in case all technology breaks down).  I make sure all my phones, tablets, and electronic devices are fully charged before heading to the airport.  I keep my chargers in my carry-on so that I can charge any of my electronics while waiting at the airport or on the plane.  I also bring a pashmina to stay warm on the plane.  Depending on the time of day; I also pack an eye mask, ear plugs, and a neck pillow to help me sleep on the plane.

5. Bring all the snacks.  You never know when a flight is going to get delayed, postponed, cancelled, or anything else.  I always buy a bottle of water at the airport but bring snacks with me (so I don't pay $4 for a candy bar).  I always like chocolate and peanut butter so my snacks tend to be heavy in those.

 The movie theater style candy boxes are good for traveling.
I also pack some crystal light packets to add some flavor to my water. :)

And while you can't drink your mini bottles on the plane, 
you can use them as your 3 ounce liquid carry-on to enjoy on your trip later. :)

6. Miscellaneous things you might need during your trip.  Sorry, I couldn't really come up with a better title.  I pack baggies, plastic bags, a reusable grocery bag for trash, dirty items, holding small items, and anything else I can't think of.  I also pack a GPS if I am going to be driving.  Other miscellaneous items: sunscreen, bug spray, extra sunglasses, band-aids, etc.

I hope some of these tips and tricks help you prepare for a trip you take.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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