Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Review!

Our weekend was a blur of fun, family, and food!

We had two tee-ball games, team pictures, a school recital, Ben's poker night, Ben reading at church, and running errands along with cleaning the house.
 Friday night was Elizabeth's first tee-ball game!
She is playing first base. :)

 First at bat!

 Running to first base after her hit 
(and yes, she tried to take the bat with her)

 Second at bat

 Running to first

 Third at bat
(They play three innings and each kid bats once per inning)

 Good game everyone!

Saturday morning I ran over to a hair appointment and then met everyone at the tee-ball field for team pictures and Elizabeth's game.  I took Caroline home before the game started so she could grab a quick nap.  Ben brought Elizabeth home after the game and we got her cleaned up for her school recital.  She has been so excited for her recital and talking about it for weeks!
 Sister picture before the recital

 Caroline was so excited for Elizabeth
 Such a big girl!!

 Mommy-daughter selfie before we leave

 She was so so so excited!

 Elizabeth and her besties from school

 She adores these girls and they have been wonderful friends all year

 Half the school performed in the morning and the other half performed in the afternoon

 Elizabeth is in the back right (pink shoes)

 Her class was so cute!

 The school sang five songs together and each class sang a song.

 Her class is so sweet and I cannot believe her first school experience is almost over.

 After the performance

  We are so proud of her!


 Love my sweet family!

Sunday morning was a lazy one since we were going to church on Sunday night.  The girls spent most of the day in their pajamas, but they found a lot to do. :)
 Watching TV

 Loving on each other


 And LOTS of play-doh

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

Happy Monday y'all!

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