Thursday, August 15, 2013


This week, Ben and I have been enjoying a staycation while Elizabeth has been vacationing with her grandparents- Nana and Pap Pap.  We met Ben's parents on Sunday morning half way between our two homes and set Elizabeth off on her first week away from us. 

We were in the car about 20 minutes when we got this photo.
Elizabeth was already loving her time with her Nana and Pap Pa.
When we got home on Sunday, Ben started painting...
He started with the dining room.
I took a little break while Ben was working in the kitchen.

We also painted the living room. 
(I will be doing a whole blog on the makeover at a later time.)
On Sunday night, we went to the movies and watched We're the Millers.
This movie is hysterical!
  Everyone should go see it!
On Monday we finished doing stuff around the house.
On Tuesday, we grabbed lunch at Chick-Fil-A and
 then I enjoyed Ladies' Night Out at the Melting Pot.
We got this picture of Elizabeth on Tuesday morning.
On Wednesday...
We got this picture of Elizabeth on Wednesday morning with the caption:
"Surprise!  And good morning!"
Then we played golf.

Then on Wednesday night, we had a little date night at Il Porto.
On Thursday, I had a little run in the morning, and then...
Elizabeth this morning.
At the Nats game.

The Presidents racing.

Abe wins!

The field.

After the game.
We have really enjoyed the week and we have gotten a lot done around the house.
Thank you Ben for spending the week with me.  I love you!

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