Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday- Who is Coming to Dinner

Today I am linking up with Momfessionals for her Show and Tell Tuesdays.  This Tuesday we are sharing the five people you would invite for the ultimate dinner party at your house.  I love this topic and have been thinking for the last few days who I would invite.

#1 Jimmy Fallon:
 I will be the first person to tell you that I don't really watch SNL so I'm not overly familiar with Fallon's old work.  But... I am loving him on The Tonight Show!  I especially love his duets with Justin Timberlake and I think he is just so original and fresh.  He also seems very sweet, sincere, and genuine.  I think he would have great stories to share at my dinner party.

#2 Duchess Katherine:
I am inviting Duchess Katherine just so I can ask her a million questions- because I have a million questions.  For example:
1) Does she ever do her own hair?
2) What do her workouts consist of?
3) Does she pick out her outfits or does someone put them together for her?
4) Did she go to "princess school" once they got engaged?  Is that a thing?
5) How does she really feel about the public life? 
See... lots of questions.  I would also like to talk to her about mom stuff and having two kids so close in age and how much her nanny is involved.

#3 Tom Hanks:
 I read an article last year that said Tom Hanks is the most trusted man in America. 
I can totally see that.
I love almost all of his movies, he seems pretty normal for someone that has been in Hollywood so long and I am sure he has some terrific stories for our dinner party.
He also knows everyone in the world, so he might even bring a famous friend.

#4 Reese Witherspoon:
 I mean, she is just fabulous!  I love everything about Reese and I can see us being besties.  :)
We could talk about all things mom, fashion, running, and anything else she wanted to talk about.
She is also besties with one of my favorite comedians- Chelsea Handler- so maybe she could bring her along.  Reese also seems very down-to-earth and humble and I think she would be hilarious at the party.

#5 Any United States President:
 I am proud to say that I am a Republican.  
But I also understand what an absolute honor it would be to have the chance to talk to any of these men for even five minutes.  
These men have literally seen and heard it all in addition to traveling the world and meeting with the most powerful people in the world.
I would love to have any of them at my dinner party, even if it was just for one course.
The things they have seen, done, and been a part of will go down in the history books and be remembered for all time.  I would love to hear any story they were willing to share.

And... that's my list for the ultimate dinner party.

Happy Tuesday y'all!


  1. Tom Hanks- what a great choice!

    And you are spot on about what an honor it would be to speak with a President.

    Such a fun dinner party line-up!