Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer 2015 Bucket List Review

We had a blast this summer working on our Summer 2015 Bucket List!  Elizabeth really enjoyed decorating the poster and coming up with ideas for our bucket list.  I am thinking of making a Fall 2015 Bucket List so be on the lookout for that.

Here is my initial post that includes all the items on our summer 2015 bucket list and here is a picture of what our bucket list looks like today:

We taped the Summer 2015 Bucket List up on our china cabinet, because why not?!  Whenever we finished an item on the list, I removed the sticky note and put it on the wall next to our pantry.

These are all of the completed items from our bucket list.  Some things I did with the girls, some things Ben and I did together, and some things we did as a family or with friends.  We had such a blast this summer and made wonderful memories together!

One item on our list was to go to Georgia.  We did that for Memorial Day Weekend and I blogged about it here!

Another two items on our list we crossed off at the same time- we wanted to celebrate the 4th of July AND make a trip to Pennsylvania.  We were blessed to be able to spend the holiday with family and friends and I blogged about it here if you would like to catch up with us!

Summer (and our bucket list) would not be complete without a trip to the zoo.  I bought a FONZ membership before we went and enjoyed a great day at the zoo with both girls.  You can check out our fun here!

In August, we met up with some friends for a day of feeding the ducks.  This was on our bucket list and feeding the ducks is always more fun with friends!

Ben and I hit up a Nationals Game to celebrate his birthday (and baseball was on the bucket list, double win!).

I had written down, go to a winery and then we ended up going to two or three wineries this summer.  The whole family had a blast the day we went to Barrel Oak Winery

I also wanted us to make it over to Annapolis for a day but I substituted that for Our day on the Chesapeake.  We had so much fun and we hope to do it again!

We had a wonderful summer and I loved our time with the girls at this age.  I know it is going to go by so fast, so I am hoping to remember these days for a long time to come.

We have one item left on our Summer 2015 Bucket List and that is to go to Gravelly Point Park.  We didn't make it there this summer, so maybe next summer (or maybe this fall).

 Happy Monday!

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