Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Life Lately

Life lately has been on fast forward!  We have been trying to finish off our summer 2015 bucket list, enjoy time with friends, and go to the pool as much as possible!

While we haven't been doing all of the above things we have been busying with wine making, painting, playing with balloons, taking selfies, and going for a short nature walk.

Please enjoy the many, many pictures below.

 Last Monday, I caught Ben filtering his homemade wine

 I think this is part of the filtering process...

 He made four bottles and one mason jar of his wine.

 Last Tuesday, we pulled out some new paints while baby sister took a nap

 Elizabeth was over-the-moon about her new paints!

 I wonder if she is going to be right handed???

Her finished work

 Thursday afternoon we played with the balloon 
that we picked up at the party store

 A smiling selfie with mom!
(I must have been tickling her)

 Friday morning, we continued to play with the balloon :)

And took selfies with the baby

 Friday afternoon, the girls and I walked the nature trail at our neighborhood.
They loved it!

 Friday night, Ben suggested we "play" monopoly...
This is about half way through the game.

This is the end of the game.
I literally own EVERYTHING.  :)

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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