Thursday, September 10, 2015

What's for dinner?

I have been making some of our favorites the past couple of weeks and trying out a couple of new recipes.  Some of the new recipes were real winners and one didn't quite hit the spot for us.

 A couple of weeks ago, we had our traditional tacos-
I always make a taco salad

 And Ben makes traditional tacos.
*On taco night- we give Elizabeth the taco meat with some other sides (fruit, corn, yogurt)

 A new recipe we tried last week was faux quiche from Momfessionals.
I added a Caesar salad and a banana muffin to complete our dinner.
In the faux quiche, I added bacon, onion, eggs, cheese, and some spices.
We really liked this recipe, but would add a 4th egg and 
I would probably add some spinach next time. 

 Another new recipe for us was taco pie from Momfessionals.
I really liked this recipe, but Ben did not.
Additionally, I don't know what the nutritional information is, but it can't be great.
The side is a birds eye southwest protein blend (I liked, Ben did not).

My last new recipe is s'more pie from Mix and Match Mama.
I made this for Labor Day weekend and it did not disappoint.
 Everyone loved this pie (and Ben and I thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers).
I will definitely be making this pie again. 

And that's what we have been eating lately.

Happy Thursday!

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