Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Texas Vacation: Day One!

Last Friday we got up at 3:25am, grabbed the girls, and headed to the airport.  We had a 5:30am flight to Dallas/Fort Worth to visit my mom and grandmother.

After the three-hour-flight, picking up our rental car, and driving for an hour; we stopped in Weatherford, Texas (at 10am) to pick up some groceries and eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A. 

After lunch we headed out to the lake house in Palo Pinto, Texas.  The girls played on the playground while we unpacked.  Then we swam in the lake and played in the kiddie pool.

After the girls went to bed- Andy, Lolly, and Annalise showed up!  I got to sit with my niece while she ate dinner. :)
 Swinging with Ga Ga and Gramps while Ben and I unpack.

Kiddie pool time after swimming in the lake

This girl was tired, but was a good sport taking a picture with her aunt.

We had a blast in Texas and I am excited to share all of our adventures over the next few days.
I have a TON of pictures coming over the next few days, so be prepared. :)

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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