Monday, July 11, 2016

Texas Vacation: Days Four and Five!

Day four of our Texas adventure was the 4th of July!  We love celebrating the 4th of July and enjoyed a fun day of grilling, fishing, playing in the water, fireworks, playing cards, making s'mores, and family time!  Day five of our vacation was spent traveling back to Virginia (which took a lot longer than expected).

 Happy 4th of July!
(Have you ever tried to take a photo with small kids? Ha!)

 This one is my favorite :)

 After photos we played inside for a bit.
Ga-Ga got Elizabeth a Frozen sticker book and we put some stickers on a puzzle :)

 And Caroline hydrated :)

 Andy and Ben started a fire to make s'mores...
Annalise liked her s'more but our girls had nothing to do with them 

 Blurry smiles :)

 Elizabeth, Andy, and Annalise

 My Aunt and Uncle "surprised" us and showed up on Sunday.
I say "surprise" because I was thinking they would come out.
I always love seeing them because they live in Colorado and I never get to see them.

 The kids are napping so the adults are playing cards :)

 This is me telling Ben to take only high angle photos.

 Elizabeth fishing with her Great-Grandmother

 Hours later...the fire is still going :)

 Andy and I had a bet on what time they would arrive to the lake.
I lost.
He won firecrackers.

 Ben setting off the last of the kiddie pack.
All of the big fireworks were set off on the 2nd and 3rd, most people left after lunch on the 4th so there were not a ton of fireworks that night

 Caroline's first fireworks

Tuesday morning, we got up at 6:30am, finished packing, and then got the girls up.  We left at 7am to catch our 12:30pm flight.  Well...we were on the plane and in our seat at 12pm (we boarded early with the girls).  At 12:20pm, the pilot said we were done boarding and we were going to leave early (yay!).  

At 12:22pm, the pilot came on the speaker and said there was bad weather in Atlanta (our layover) and that we were delayed 15 minutes (no problem).   At 12:30pm, the pilot came over the speaker and said we were delayed 30 minutes, then 45 forward to 2 1/2 hours later we left Texas. :(

The weather was so bad in Atlanta that they had a two hour ground stop.  We were on the plane the entire time, but the girls did really well by eating lunch, watching Mickey Mouse, and climbing all over us.  We landed in Atlanta at 5:30pm (our second flight was supposed to leave at 5:20pm) but due to all the weather, our flight was pushed back to 7:30pm (yay?).

So we were able to make our connecting flight, but it left at the original time we were supposed to be landing in Virginia.  We ended up getting home around 11pm, instead of 7:30pm.  The girls were great the entire time and handled the delays really well.

Fun bonus for me- I ran into my friend Barbara (from high school) in the Atlanta airport while we were both ordering food.  She lives in California now and was headed back there after visiting family for the holiday- what a small world!

 Getting into our seats
(before we knew about the delays)

 Happy to be headed home
(before we knew about the delays)

 Love these girlies :)

Well. That raps up our Texas vacation.  I hope you enjoyed all the pictures as much as Ben enjoyed taking them. :)  We had a great time visiting with everyone, swimming in the lake, and relaxing without the internet/phone/TV for five days.  Everyone should take some time and unplug- it is very refreshing. :) 

Special thank you to my Grandmother and Mom for hosting us for five days.  We are a busy bunch and I am sure you are thankful for a quiet few days after having seven extra people around for five days.

Happy Monday y'all!

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