Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Weekend Review on Tuesday

This past weekend we were around the house and didn't have too many plans.  :)  On Saturday, the girls and I let Ben sleep in and then we hung around the house and went to the pool.  On Sunday, I had a commitment at church in the morning and then Ben had a commitment at church in the afternoon.

Thursday afternoon, Elizabeth and I played silly faces

This is her smiling and saying cheese for me :)

Elizabeth played photographer and took a picture of me and my silly face :)

Friday we played A LOT of dress up and playing in the tube

Two pretty princesses

Friday night, Ben bottled his wine

He got a case! :)

Saturday morning breakfast... just a cat and her breakfast :)



Sunday night, we surprised the girls with ice cream for dinner :)
(going out for ice cream was on our summer bucket list, doing it for dinner was just a bonus)

We all loved dinner that night :)

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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