Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Weekend Review on Tuesday!

I was a bad blogger this weekend and hardly took any photos of our activities.  I was enjoying myself too much and just forgot to take pictures.  I did get a few, so please enjoy my weekend review! :)

FYI, this post would have gone up Monday night but our power went out at 4:30pm on Monday and didn't come back on until 2am today. :(

 Friday afternoon, Elizabeth and I ran to the grocery store for flour.
We stopped by to get a cookie in the bakery...and they were giving out CUPCAKES!

 In this picture it looks blue, but it was very, very purple
(She licked off the icing and handed me the cake to throw away)

 Friday night we had dinner at the pool.
Ben made pizza and brought it down to the pool to enjoy. :)

 The girls LOVE meal time at the pool :)

 Friday night, Ben labeled his wine :)
I am so proud of him!

 Saturday night, Ben went to see the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Nationals.
A major storm came through and they had an hour delay...

 Love this picture, what an awesome rainbow :)

 The Nats destroyed the Pirates :(

 I didn't take any pictures all day Saturday, but Saturday evening I took the girls to a spray park while Ben was at the baseball game.
This is us on our way home before the storm...

 Caroline is ALWAYS saying "Cheese" and Elizabeth didn't want to leave OR have her photo taken.
Ha! Life with a four-year-old...

Saturday night, I made the pizza for the first time ever.
When Ben makes dough, it makes enough for two pizzas.
(So he did the hard part) :)
Looks alright, tasted awesome! :)

Sunday was full of grocery shopping, church, cleaning, and enjoying dinner with the cousins!!! Jessica, Noah, and baby cousin have moved back to the DC area and we are so excited!
(And obviously so excited that I forgot to take any pictures)

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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