Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Twenty-two months!

Dear Caroline,

You are 22 months old today!

It seems funny (and odd) to me that you most likely won't remember these years of your life while they are some of the best years of mine.  Your Dad and I love you so much at this age!  You have a great sense of humor, you love to pretend sleep and you have a fantastic pretend snore.  You love to read and you love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You like to say prayers before nap and bedtime, and you love to repeat words that your sister tries to teach you.

We took time to weigh you and measure your height today (because we are curious). :)
You weigh 26.8 pounds and you are 33 1/2 inches tall.  You wear size 2T clothes, 24 month onsies with 2T pajama shorts to sleep in, and size 5 shoes.  You wear a size 4 diaper and you ask to sit on the potty during every diaper change.  You have used the potty several times and we are hoping this leads to an easy transition in a few months. :)

You have been very busy this month. We have done a lot around the house and in Virginia like- nature walks, babysitting baby cousin, playing at the spray park, going to the pool, playing dress up, and enjoying Chick-Fil-A cow day.  But, you have also been on your first (and second and third) plane rides by flying to Texas and back AND you have been to DC to take a boat tour AND you have been to Pennsylvania where you went to your first amusement park and enjoyed a pool party. 

 Nature walk around the neighborhood

 Stealing Dad's hat

 CFA breakfast

 Testing out your headphones before we got on the plane...

 You wanted to test out your sister's life jacket

 Babysitting baby cousin :)

 In Texas at the fish fry
You and Annalise were a little hot :)

 Matching cousins! Love!!

 Sisters :)

 Enjoying lunch with Annalise at the lake house

 Annalise's birthday present from Ga-Ga

 Happy 4th of July!

 Your first fireworks

 Flight back from Texas

She enjoys flying :)

 Back in Virginia, and time to play dress up

 Queen Elsa, Princess Anna

 And a cat :)

 I surprised everyone by having ice cream for dinner one night

 My three people.  They were very happy :)


 You ate all the ice cream 

 "Cheese Mommy!"

 pool side lunch

 Cow appreciation day

 Story time
(it's always story time)

 At the Georgetown waterfront waiting for our boat

 on the boat!

 "Cheese Mommy!"

 pool side dinner :)

Coming back from a night at the spray park

 Playing at the ball pit at Idlewild in Pennsylvania

This girl had a blast at Idlewild!

 pool party fun in Pennsylvania :)

Two months left until you are two-years-old, oh my goodness!  I have no idea where the time went but I have enjoyed all of it.  We love you so much our sweet baby girl.


Mom and Dad

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