Friday, July 29, 2016

It's Friday!!!

This week has been crazy busy and I have just run out of time to blog each day.  Additionally, my cell phone had to be reprogrammed (again!) and so I have not been able to load pictures onto my laptop until day. #firstworldproblems

Ben has been sick all week long.  I mean, not getting out of bed for four days sick.  So in addition to taking care of Ben, I was taking care of the girlies.  Thankfully, Elizabeth attended Vacation Bible School (VBS) this week and had a blast!  She was gone everyday from 9am-12pm and Caroline and I ran around town doing all. the. shopping. (and cleaning and cooking).

Elizabeth is at the age where she remembers everything and so I wanted to get a bunch of Christmas shopping done this week while it was just me and Caroline (and Target toy clearance time).  I lined everything up this afternoon and I discovered that I only need to grab a couple of small things for Caroline and then I should be done.  *Raise the roof*

When we weren't running around shopping, we were playing at the house, reading (of course), and going to the spray park with baby cousin and Noah.  It was so hot here at the beginning of the week that we spent most of our time inside, eating popsicles, and playing games. :)
 I'm not sure what is happening here...

 She really wanted to make a silly face

 Thursday afternoon we hit up a local splash pad with baby cousin and Noah

 The girls loved it!

 Baby cousins :)

We went back to Noah and Jessica's house when a storm started rolling in.
After the kids destroyed the house played with toys, Noah made them dinner.
While the kids ate, we waited for our delivery.  :)

 Today was the last day of VBS and Elizabeth brought home all of her art projects.
She brought a few home earlier in the week and then I was given a large pile today.
I love all of it. #imhermomma 

 VBS was a beach theme this year

 How God made the earth in six days

 Elizabeth made this!
You pull the shell and the crab moves.
So cute!!

 We are going to hang this up in a window in the kitchen

 Oh my word, I love this shirt!!

And this big poster! :)

And that was our week.  It seems to have flown by even though the days were feeling long to this momma.  Hope y'all are ready for the weekend!

Happy Friday y'all!

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