Friday, July 8, 2016

Texas Vacation: Day Three!

Day three of vacation was July 3rd and we had our first round of celebrating the 4th of July.  We had more family come out to the lake, we grilled, celebrated Lolly's birthday, set off fireworks, and had a great time swimming at the lake.

 Sunday morning, Sheriff Callie hat and Frozen candle

 Oh yeah, and red, white, and blue :)

 I grabbed the girls matching outfits and I think they looked super cute :)

 So cute!!

 Love my girlies :)

 Yeah, it was a little warm ;)

 Lunch time rolled around for the little girls :)
They enjoyed hotdogs and a little red, white, and blue

 After lunch we celebrated Lolly's birthday
Her birthday is July 3rd and we had a blast helping her celebrate :)

 Elizabeth would not move out of their family photo. Ha!
Lolly, Andy, Annalise (and Elizabeth)

 Ben and our girls

 Lolly and Annalise :)

 Cutting the birthday cake

 Selfie with my love

 After lunch, we relaxed inside because it was just a little too hot outside

 Then it was time for the pinata

 Elizabeth won most of the candy :)

 We bought a ton of fireworks, but we also grabbed a kiddie pack for Elizabeth

 Ben set off a bunch of fountains for Elizabeth

 And then she did her first sparkler :)

She loved it/was terrified of it all at the same time

 After it got dark, Ben set off fireworks from the dock

Everyone on the lake sets off huge fireworks over the water.
It goes on for about two hours and it is wonderful/magical/fantastic!!

Happy Friday y'all!

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