Monday, April 3, 2017

Ladies weekend in West Palm Beach

Last weekend, my DC girlfriends and I headed down to West Palm Beach, Florida for a weekend of sun, relaxation, and good food.  We stayed at the Palm Beach Marriott Resort and Spa on Singer Island.  The resort was beautiful and I would definitely go back there (even with the kids)!

We arrived early on Saturday morning and spent the day at the beach before heading to the pool for a few hours.

 Sitting beach side and cheering on the Gamecocks :)

Pool side cocktails

 View from our seats

 Saturday night we did dinner, drinks, and dancing

 Sunday morning I went for a run.
I'm all about a good selfie, but not usually when I'm working out.
However, I couldn't resist since I had such a great view.
Beach views while running, does a workout get any better?

 After my run, Liz and I rode bikes down to the store to get a few essentials

 Love all the palm trees!

 We headed down to the beach a little later
Love this view, it's immediately relaxing to me

 Another fun day at the beach

 On Monday I rode the bike over to the main land to get a sub from Publix.
Yes, you read that right. 
I stopped on the bridge to take a few pictures of the water.

 I could see all the way to the bottom :)


 Publix subs are my absolute favorite!
It's my first one in two years and I was super excited to have one for lunch.

 I waited in line for 20 minutes before I got to order

 I took my sub to the beach.
It was great and wonderful and the best sandwich ever. :)

After lunch I headed to the spa for a massage and then relaxed a little on their hot marble table.
After the spa, I headed back to the beach.

 Grabbed a drink at the beach bar.
Loved this sign!
My husband is from Pittsburgh.
We took Elizabeth to Key West her first Christmas.
And we live in Washington, DC.

 Last day at the beach

  Loved the beach!  Can't wait to come back.

After dinner on our last night.

It was a very wonderful and relaxing weekend.
Thank you ladies for a great weekend and thank you to our husbands for keeping the kids.

Happy Monday y'all!

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