Thursday, April 6, 2017

Life Lately!

Life lately has been full of checking the weather, a sick little sister, and planning for Easter, and riding bikes.  Caroline has been sick all week with croup and so it has been a pretty low-key week.  Besides taking Elizabeth to and from school and going to the doctor twice, we have stayed around the house.  Hope everyone else is having a healthier week then us!

Trying to take selfies with my big girl and she is just silly, silly, silly.

Love her!

This girl has been sick with croup.
We have spent all week inside in pajamas.

I made pizza from scratch!!!
To be fair, Ben made the dough (thank you Ben!)

Before going in the oven.
*Side note- I don't have an after oven picture because I was driving to pick up my consignment stuff while my family enjoyed the pizza I made. :)

Sunday night, The Lady Gamecocks won the National Championship!!!
I was so excited and loved showing my little girls that big girls play sports too.

This girl pretending like she feels better since she went to the doctor.

She really likes to show off her teeth.

While Caroline napped, Elizabeth rode her bike and played outside.

She is getting really good and rides up and down our street by herself.

Wednesday morning pajama selfie

We are all sitting on the loveseat...

...while the big couch sits empty.

This girl was pumped for her egg hunt at school before spring break starts!

Happy Thursday y'all!

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