Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring Break through the South: Part Four

On Good Friday we took the girls to a beautiful park near Andy and Lolly's house.  It was a beautiful day and the girls LOVED every minute of playing on the playground. 

Caroline climbed everywhere

Look at these two lovelies!

On Saturday we went to a farm and enjoyed a petting zoo, bouncy area, Easter egg hunt, pictures with the Easter bunny.  We had a blast running all over the farm for hours and the girls have talked about it all week!

Annalise, Elizabeth, Ga Ga, and Caroline

The girls loved the goats and they were so excited to feed them!

The goats had no problem sticking their heads through the fence.
Kinda scary!



 They had two egg hunts.
Three and under AND four and up.
I kept Caroline for the three and under.
This is us waiting for the egg hunt to start.

 And she's off!

 Each kid was told to collect 10 eggs.
They were all empty, you turned in your eggs and collected prizes.

She loved it!

Ben took Elizabeth.
Do you see her?
Way in the front in the white shirt and blue skirt

Ben said she was a pro egg collector

She's so proud of her egg collection :)

After the girls collected their prizes, they ran over to take picture with the Easter bunny

The bunny was in the sun and trying to take a picture was terrible.
I'm pretty sure we didn't get a single good photo.
But the girls were excited to meet the Bunny (and Alice?)

Annalise didn't like the bunny

Looking into the sun makes the best photos. 

 But we tried.

 Then we tried a few family photos.
Again, facing the sun doesn't work. :(

 So we moved to the shade.
But Elizabeth still won't look at the camera. :)

But we tried. :)

Then it was time to play in the corn!

And complete the obstacle course

After we spent half the day at the farm, we headed to Andy and Lolly's for lunch.  We dyed Easter eggs, played outside, celebrated Annalise's birthday, and grilled dinner in the backyard.

 Ben helped the girls color eggs 
(while I took pictures)

 Annalise loved her first egg dying experience

 The girls were too focused to take a picture with us

  Love my family!

 Ben and his girls excited about all their eggs

 Time for Annalise to open birthday presents!

 She took all of her presents over to Ga-Ga!

 I wanted a selfie with my niece (and birthday girlie)

 Lolly had this beautiful cake made!
The cake was soooo good!

 Happy Birthday Annalise!

 Family photo :)

 Elizabeth wanted to be in the photo too

 I wanted another picture with my niece :)

 And Caroline photobombed this one :)

One day left on our spring break adventures!

Happy Monday y'all!

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