Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ben and the girls

While I was soaking up the sun and fun in Florida, Ben was back in Virginia with the girls. 

Saturday they played outside almost all day.  I think it was warmer in Virginia than in Florida.  They washed the cars, rode bikes, played with chalk and bubbles, and just had fun enjoying the nice weather.


Sunday morning, they got up and ran some errands.  The Gamecocks were playing in the NCAA tournament, so Ben put Caroline in a Gamecock t-shirt. :)

  Go Gamecocks!

 Trying to get a picture of them both looking...

 On the way to the grocery store

When they came home from the store, Ben made everyone lunch.  Well...while they were eating lunch Elizabeth started throwing up.  It was pretty bad from what I've been told.  Ben had to clean up Elizabeth, clean up the table, and keep Caroline out of the mess.  Elizabeth spent the rest of the day resting in her bed or on the couch watching a movie.  

After all the excitement at lunch, I was surprised and impressed when Ben grilled hotdogs for dinner for him and Caroline (I would have totally ordered a pizza and called it a day).  Elizabeth ate crackers and toast with a side of crackers.

 Caroline was excited for hotdogs

Look Dad!  I love hotdogs! :)

By Monday morning, Elizabeth was feeling great again and so in the afternoon they played outside.  Caroline is very into hats and gloves right now- so even though it was in the 70s, she wanted her hat on.

 Elizabeth collecting more rocks 

 Selfies with her Dad :)

 Love these two!

I was back home on Tuesday morning and enjoyed spending the day with my three loves (and possibly taking a nap on the couch).  Thank you again to Ben for keeping the girls so I could enjoy a little ladies trip away.  I missed you three so much and was happy to be home.  :)

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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