Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

During our first year of marriage, I wanted to start family traditions that we could continue as our family grew and this is one of my favorite.  This is our 5th year going to Butler's Orchard to get our pumpkins for Halloween.

I had it all planned out this year.  When we were going, what we were going to wear, the pictures I wanted to take.  Did any of this happen?  Nope.  We were supposed to go last weekend (but we were too sick).  We were supposed to get great photos in cute outfits (it was way too cold and our coats covered up our cute outfits).  But... we had another fabulous time at the orchard.

I love Butler's Orchard and I wish we went up there more than just at Halloween.   If you are looking for a cool farm, this is your place.  You can pick your own pumpkins, apples, raspberries, strawberries, blue berries and lots of other things.  In the fall they have hay rides and a pumpkin festival. 

Here are some pictures of our fun this year:

In the car, on the way to Butler's Orchard!

 I love the leaves this time of year.

We are here!

 Ben and Elizabeth walking over to get a cart so we could carry our pumpkins
(I love these photos of them!)
 Helping Dad

She is so excited!

 Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere!

 Elizabeth wanted to help her Dad push the cart.

 She really liked this pumpkin.

Trying to get Elizabeth to smile at the camera.
(This is her pumpkin)

 She found a little pumpkin to sit on

 Looking for a pumpkin for Mom

 She found this instead.

 Mother-daughter pumpkin patch photo

 More pumpkins to play with!

 Trying the mother-daughter photo again

 We have all of our pumpkins and Elizabeth wanted to help Dad push the cart out of the orchard

Thank you to Ben for driving and thank you to Butler's Orchard for another fabulous trip!

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