Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Vacation

Continuing with marking things of my Christmas Traditions list,  we watched one of my favorite Christmas movies, Christmas Vacation, last night.  Watching some of my favorite movies is #6 on my list and I am so happy we started watching Christmas movies.  I think Chevy Chase is hilarious and this movie was my introduction to him.  Ben and I spent the evening relaxing after Elizabeth had gone to bed and laughed for an hour and a half.  This movie gets funnier every year.

One of my favorite scenes is in the beginning of the movie when the family is driving to get their Christmas tree.  They are driving along and get into with another vehicle.  Clark says he is going to show them and merges right under a truck.

Every time I see an 18-wheeler on the highway, I always wonder if my car would fit under it.

I absolutely LOVE the entire house covered in lights!  I asked Ben if we could do this to our house and he told me that we would need a few more lights.  ( Sounds like it's a possibility to me!)

This scene sets off several great scenes in the movie.  Everyone is sitting around the beautiful table with the gorgeous turkey and then they carve the turkey... and everything goes really down hill from there.

If you have not seen this movie, you definitely should!  Merry Christmas!

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