Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Twenty-Two Months

Dear Elizabeth,

You are 22-months-old today!


You have become such a big girl and we are so excited to watch you grow up!  You have been very busy in the last month: you are talking a lot, you traveled to Georgia for Thanksgiving, you went to a birthday party, you have seen a ton of Christmas lights, been to the Georgia Aquarium, getting your picture taken with Santa, and you got your first black eye.

You are about 22 pounds and I think about the same height as last month (32 inches).  

You wear 18-24 months shirts, pants, coats, pajamas, and socks.  You wear a size 5 shoes.  Just like last month, you still love to put on your coat and ask for it if you see Dad or I wearing our coats.

Some of your favorite things at the moment are: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, your Little People Nativity Scene (you love the animals and Baby Jesus).  You have started getting into puzzles, and you still like to read.  You love to watch Elmo's World, but you are not so into the rest of Sesame Street.  You love to hear helicopters and you look for them anytime you are outside.  

Everyday when we pick you up from Mrs. Vicki's house; you have to hug and kiss everyone before you can leave.  You are such a loving little girl and love to blow kisses, give hugs or high fives or fist bumps.  You say hi to random people all the time at the store, church, or running errands. 

You have continued to explore our home and we have expanded your boundaries.  You love to climb onto the couch or run around the dining room table.  You always want to play in the kitchen, but you are usually not allowed because the stove is probably on.

You still love milk and I feel like to you want to drink it all the time.  You LOVE yogurt and cheese.  Some of your favorite dinners are pasta with marinara sauce, pizza, Chick-Fil-A grilled nuggets, and taco meat.  You love corn, peaches, and bananas.  All you want for breakfast is dried cheerios, but sometimes you will eat oatmeal.

Dad and I love you so much and we have had a ton of fun with you this month.  We love you!

Below are some pictures of your adventures this past month:

 At Kellan's Birthday Party

 Thanksgiving at Sharon and John's house

Elizabeth and Ansley on Thanksgiving

 At the Georgia Aquarium

 Chowing down on some spaghetti

 Trying to escape

 Our Christmas Card photo

 Checking out your Christmas Tree

 Playing with the animals from your nativity scene

 Bull Run Lights

 Waiting to see Santa

 After Santa


 You trying to take a picture

Mommy trying to get you to laugh for a picture

We are so proud of you sweet girl and love you so much!


Mom and Dad

Ps. I forgot about your snow day, you can see the pictures here

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