Sunday, December 29, 2013

Foot surgery update

On Friday (December 27th), Ben drove me to my follow-up with my surgeon for my first post-op visit.  I got to have the soft cast removed and just a light bandage was applied to take me through January 3rd (my second post-op appointment).

Dr. Miller liked how everything looked.  No infections anywhere and the wound is healing nicely.  He said it is highly unlikely that the bone spur would ever grow back.  Yippee! 

Dr. Miller is out-of-town for the New Year so I will be seeing his partner on January 3rd to get my stitched removed and that will be my final doctor's appointment.  Depending on pain, I should be able to begin running again around January 20th!

*Picture warning, if you are squeamish, you don't want to see these*

 Waiting for Dr. Miller to come in and remove the soft cast

 Cutting away the soft cast

 My foot (on Friday)
I think there are about 5 stitches, not totally sure
The discoloration on my toes is just from the swelling.  It doesn't hurt.

How my foot looks now wrapped in the bandage.
I have to keep this completely dry until January 3rd when I get the bandage removed.
(I did get a pedicure the day before surgery)

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