Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Family Christmas Tree

Every year we put up a few different trees around the house.  The red and green tree we have done for three years, but every year we do our family tree. 

This tree is full of ornaments our parents gave to us, we made as kids, or other family members made or gave to us.  I love this tree and all of the history it holds. 

We are continuing a tradition that our parents started with us and buying Elizabeth an ornament each year.  Last year I was so happy to buy one that said Baby's First Christmas but this year I want to get her one that covers one of her interests- so probably Elmo or Minnie Mouse.

 Our Family Tree
(even a few presents under it)

 Family tree under the lights!

Do you put up different trees around your house?

If you have kids, do they get a new ornament each year?

Merry Christmas!

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