Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I am 20 weeks pregnant today!

With Elizabeth, I did a weekly update on how the pregnancy was going.  However, for this pregnancy I have been really busy with work and chasing around Elizabeth that I decided to blog about the "big milestones" of pregnancy instead of doing a weekly update.

So here are a few updates:

How far along: 20 weeks

Size of baby: Our baby is the size of a banana or cantaloupe (depending what you read) from head to rump.  He or she weighs about 10.2 ounces and is about 6.5 inches long (again, from head to rump)

Total weight gain/loss: Weight gain is 13 pounds (with Elizabeth, I had gained 12 pounds at this point)

Maternity Clothes: I wear mostly maternity clothes now.  I have two pairs of athletic shorts that still fit and my t-shirts for work still fit.  With my first pregnancy, I wore a lot of my regular clothes and ended up stretching them out, so I made sure to go ahead and purchase a few items so I don't stretch out my regular shirts again.

Ann Taylor Loft has an ever expanding maternity section and that is where I have purchased most of my maternity clothes.  I have 3 pairs of shorts, 1 shirt, and 1 dress from them.  I have also purchased 1 pair of shorts and 2 t-shirts from Motherhood Maternity.

Gender: We find out tomorrow!

Movement: Mostly when I am trying to sleep or laying on the couch.  I do get the occasional good kick or punch while I am at work running around.

Sleep: I am still sleeping sort of well.  I am not uncomfortable, but I do wake-up to go to the bathroom.

Cravings: Mostly breakfast cereals.  I am still really into Fruit Loops.  I occasionally crave hamburgers.  

Symptoms: Besides my weird eating habits, tiredness with extreme heat is my other main symptom.  

Best Moment this Week: Will probably be tomorrow when we get to see our baby!  Second, feeling good enough to run and walk again.  I have really missed running and I am so happy to get back into it.

Favorite picture(s) of today: Elizabeth and I went for a one-mile walk when I picked her up today.  These are pictures of us after the walk.

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