Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend Recap - Babies, Weddings, and a Great View

After our doctor appointments on Thursday, we headed to Pennsylvania for a weekend of celebrating.  When we arrived at Ben's parents' house on Thursday afternoon, we had a wonderful surprise waiting for us- a pink brownie cake to celebrate our baby girl!

Sally Anne (Ben's mom) surprised us with the delicious cake!  We were so happy to enjoy a piece of cake and talk about all the things sisters can do together (and all the clothes we can use again!)

Elizabeth and I really enjoyed our pieces of cake!

Friday morning we headed into Pittsburgh for Adam and Brigette's wedding.  

We had the rehearsal on Friday evening followed by the rehearsal dinner.  
(I forgot to take pictures of the rehearsal, but I did snag this one of the Church)

The Church is gorgeous!

Saturday afternoon, we watch Adam and Brigette get married!!!  The service was so wonderful and Brigette looked beautiful!  Elizabeth and I sat with Ben's parents and his Aunt Barb.  Ben was the Best Man and I know he was so happy to stand up for his brother.

Elizabeth was great during the service, she sat next to me the whole time and didn't make a peep.

I was happy to get a few photos after the service with the Bride and Groom.

 Brigette, Adam, Me, and Ben

Matt, Claire, Brigette, Adam, Me, and Ben
(Matt is Brigette's brother and Claire is his wife)

In western Pennsylvania, there is a tradition of having a cookie table at the reception.  All the women in the family make cookies for the reception.  Everyone tends to have their specialty and so you end up with a large variety of cookies.  I have to say, I didn't get many pictures at the reception (I was too busy dancing with Elizabeth), but I did go out of my way to get pictures of the cookie table.

There are over 200 dozen cookies here!

The beautiful cake!  It was really, really good.

 Elizabeth, Me, and Andy enjoying the reception

 Me and Brigette

 Adam and Ben

Those are all the pictures we took during the wedding/reception.  I kept grabbing their photographer for photos with family and friends, so I can hardly wait to see the proofs in a few weeks.

This morning after breakfast, Ben opened up the windows in our hotel room and took these pictures of downtown Pittsburgh.  We had a fantastic view of the Cathedral of Learning (which Elizabeth calls her castle).

Congratulations Adam and Brigette!  We are so happy for you guys.

We had a wonderful weekend and hope you did too!

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