Monday, May 19, 2014

Random thoughts

Happy Monday everyone!  I have had some random thoughts this afternoon and a few experiences that got me wondering if anyone else has had the same thoughts or experiences. 

I had to get gas today. 
Anytime I get gas, I start thinking about all the other people that have touched the gas pump.
Same thing with light switches and elevator buttons.
I start thinking about all the germs and how I don't want to get sick.
As soon as I am done pumping gas, I have to use hand sanitizer.  
Does anyone else feel this way about things that other people touch all the time?

 After I got gas, I vacuumed out my car and then got a car wash.
I had placed my keys on top of my car when I was vacuuming and completely forgot about them.
I went through the car wash, drove home, and found my keys on top of my car.
I borrowed some rice from my fabulous neighbor, Jhena, to help dry out my three electronic keys.
I have heard this will absorb the water.  We shall see.
Has anyone ever tried this for electronic keys or phone batteries?

 Elizabeth and I played outside this afternoon for a few hours.
She asked to drink out of my cup and then continued to do so all afternoon.
What you can't see is all the water that is going down the front of her shirt.

 I thought this was a cute picture of my nugget.

 We grilled hamburgers and sausage for dinner tonight.
There is nothing better than a relaxing dinner on the deck with my family.
Thank you Ben for a wonderful dinner!

I had a gel manicure for the wedding.
This is my first manicure and this picture is from today, a week since I got the manicure.
The gel manicure is awesome!!!
Nothing is cracked, peeled, or chipped.  
I highly recommend the gel manicure.
Has anyone else ever had one?

Hope you have a great start to your week!

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