Monday, May 26, 2014

Big girl bed

We have been planning for a while to put Elizabeth into a "big girl bed" and move her furniture into the babies' room.  We had been going back and forth with what exactly to do.  Do we:

A) Buy her a toddler bed (her crib would not convert, which is another story)
B) Buy her a single bed
C) Put her into the full-size bed we already own

We decided the easiest and least expensive option would be to buy Elizabeth a full-size bed and chest of drawers.  We already had a full-size bed but we wanted her to have matching furniture.  I found some furniture I liked at babies r us (online) and then looked to see if Amazon offered it.  We were in luck because Amazon would ship it to our house for FREE!!!  Woo hoo!!!

So, baby girl #2 is getting Elizabeth's crib, changing table, and chest of drawers and Elizabeth has received some "big girl furniture".

In order to prepare Elizabeth for the big change of going from a crib to a full-size bed, we talked to her for a week straight about her "big girl bed".  Ben had a great idea of taking her shopping so she could pick out her new comforter/ sheets/ pillows, etc.  Well, this turned out to be a super, fantastic idea!  We talked to Elizabeth about her bed and asked her want kind of new blanket she wanted for her bed.  She told us all week she wanted horses. 

(Now, neither of us have any idea where this horse obsession has come from, but she said the same thing everyday for a week)

So... Saturday morning, Elizabeth and I went shopping while Ben built her bed and chest of drawers.  She immediately saw a horse pillow in target that has matching bedding and we were off and running on the horse theme.

She slept great Saturday and Sunday nights, and even napped on Sunday.  Today she did not nap and played in her room.  Overall, I think the change has gone well.  She stays in the bed (most of the time) and tells us she loves her horse bed.

Below are some before and after pictures.  We have not hung anything back up on the walls yet, I am still trying to decide where I want things to go.

Little girl room...
 View from her door way.


 View from the window

Another view from the window

View from closet
Big girl room...

 New bed and we moved her book case 

 New bed

 "play corner" 
We are going to bring up some more toys and her toy box

 New chest of drawers

 View from closet

The "horse bed"
Our big girl loves it!

Once we are done with all the details, I will post some updated photos