Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dada's girl

I take a lot of pictures with Elizabeth and of Elizabeth.  When we are home by ourselves in the afternoons, it is a fun way to break up the time until Dad gets home from work or until it is time for dinner.

However, the pictures I like the most are those of Elizabeth and Ben.  She adores her Dada and thinks he is the most awesome. person. ever.  (Which, he is)  When he was out-of-town for work she asked where her Dada was constantly and would stare at his picture and yell out "that's my Dada!".  She is, for sure, a "Daddy's girl" or in our case, a "Dada's girl".

So, I was looking through photos on my phone last night and decided to blog about some of my favorite pictures of Elizabeth and Ben from the last few months.

 This was a warm day during the winter, Elizabeth dressed herself, 
and she went for a walk with her Dada.

 During this day, Elizabeth let her Dada pull her in the red wagon around the neighborhood.

 I love watching him read to her.

 Aren't they cute together?

 Last weekend we had dinner at Bob Evans.  
I asked Ben and Elizabeth to look at me and smile.
Ben smiled at me, Elizabeth smiled at her Dada.

Elizabeth has been home sick this week, but Wednesday night she was feeling better.
As evidence from tackling her Dada.

Ben just loves having a daughter and I love seeing them interact together.  

Ben, I love you.  
You are the most wonderful Dad.

Happy (almost) Anniversary!

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