Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chicken from the grill

Tuesday night, we continued with our week of planned dinners and we had chicken.  We had left this open-ended on the type of chicken we would have, depending on what I felt like eating. 

Well... I felt like BBQ chicken and it was delicious! 

I even managed the grill myself...

The rest of our dinner was made up of things we had in the refrigerator/freezer to make a great, inexpensive dinner.

 Preparing the chicken.  
The sweet baby ray's bbq sauce I got for free with coupons.
The chicken breasts were almost a pound each, so I made two, Ben and I split one, 
and we have one leftover for lunch this week.

 Half a pound of chicken and leftover corn from make-your-own tacos.

 Our other side was this asiago cheese bread.
I got it for free with a coupon and immediately froze it when I got home.
The dip is homemade dill dip.  
I used leftover sour cream (from taco night), mayonnaise, dill, and onion powder.

Elizabeth enjoyed her yogurt, corn, and asiago cheese bread

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