Saturday, July 19, 2014

Playing with My Friends (and my first giveaway)

We generally keep Elizabeth out of the kitchen (we put up a baby gate).  We don't like her playing in there because the oven is hot, the drawers are not toddler-proof, and she tends to leave a trail of toys in her wake (which I don't want to step on in the kitchen).

So... the other day I was making banana muffins and had the gate down.  Elizabeth was playing in the living room and I noticed that it had gotten very quiet.  I moved around the corner of the kitchen to see her and ask her watch she was doing and this is what I found:

 Elizabeth playing at the space where I usually have a gate up.
Our conversation:
Me: "Elizabeth, what are you doing?"
Elizabeth: "Playing with my friends, Mommy."
 She then proceeded to lay down and roll back and forth between her friends

I love this little nugget!

Now... for my FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! 

We do a lot of game nights in our house, a lot.  

We play a lot of cards, but for each holiday or birthday, we buy each other a new 'board' game (not card games).  We have a lot of the old favorites like Monopoly, Clue, and even Connect Four.  Recently, we have been putting a fun new spin on our old favorites: Yahtzee and Scrabble.  

Hasbro has two new editions of the game that are electronic: Yahtzee Flash and Scrabble Flash!

Yahtzee Flash is for players eight years and older.  You can play up to four different games with the electronic dice!

Scrabble Flash is for players eight years and older.  It offers three different games that you can play solo or with a group.

Now for the good stuff...I am beyond thrilled to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win both games!  There are TWO quick and easy ways to enter and the giveaway is open to US addresses only.  Post a separate comment for any/all of the following...

1. Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know.
2. Leave a comment letting me know what your favorite "game night" game is.

The winner will be announced July 21st!

 Happy Saturday!


  1. I'm following(pretty sure I wasn't before which is strange...)

  2. My favorite game nigh game is phase 10 or trivial pursuit