Saturday, July 26, 2014

The 13 things every new mom (and dad) needs

With everything we have been doing this past week to prepare for baby sister, it got me thinking about the things we used the most when Elizabeth was a newborn.

Opening up all of the baby gear and organizing it took me back in time; to a time of burp cloths, bottles, and boppy pillows.

Which got me thinking about what we would need for baby sister that we didn't already have (or things we need to replace).

So, I polled several mom friends about the things they used the most/ couldn't live without/ or things they wish they had used.

Here is the list I have come up with.  If you are about the have a baby, just had a baby, or are thinking about having a baby- this list is for you.  This is from women that have had at least one baby in the past year or women that have more than one kid.

1. Some sort of baby carrier.

 This is the Boba Carrier 4G.
My friend Erika highly recommends this product and uses it all. the. time.

This is the Moby Wrap
My friends Laura and Erika recommend this product as well.
I know Laura used this a lot on her second and third kids, plus Elizabeth.
It works great for moving around with multiple children.

* I did not use any kind of baby carrier with Elizabeth, but have looking for recommendations for baby sister.  I think one of these would be much easier to handle in a store situation than an infant car seat and Elizabeth.*

2. A baby swing
I had multiple friends recommend baby swings (Stacy, Laura, and Dana).  I think any swing would work great, if you have the space for it.  We did not have a swing for Elizabeth (because we didn't have the space) but she loved the swing at Laura's house and would sleep in it constantly.

3. The Fisher Price Rock and Play
We didn't have a swing, but we did have the rock and play!
It is light weight and small, and you can move it anywhere.  Elizabeth slept in this, next to her crib, for the first nine weeks.  We would also put it in our room during the day if we were getting ready, doing laundry, etc. and we wanted her on the same floor as us.

4. Bottle sterilizer and bottle drying rack
Whether you are breast feeding or using formula (or both) you will mostly likely be using bottles.  So, you will need something to dry them on.  There are a lot of different varieties of drying racks, we just picked on that fit in our kitchen.  You will also need a bottle sterilizer (unless you like boiling hot water six times a day).  I have the Avent bottle sterilizer that is below and it is awesome!  In 2 minutes, your bottles are sterilizer. 

5. Burp cloths/ spit up towels/ bibs

 The first few months, babies spit up.  A lot.  Get yourself a lot of burp cloths and bibs.
It will save your clothes, the babies clothes, and your furniture.
*Also invest in a stain remover*

6. Swaddle blankets
 Most babies love to be swaddled.  It reminds them of being inside mom and being all warm and snuggled.  Pick up a few swaddle blankets and if your baby loves being swaddled, you can pick up a few more.  

*This is something we ended up with a ton of, and Elizabeth only wanted to be 
swaddled at night, so we didn't go through a bunch.*

7. Nose and mouth suction

 This is the bulb syringe they use in the hospital.
Take it home with you.
It is great for nose and mouth suction!
*Babies can't control their saliva and spitting, so they bubble a lot. 
This helps clear those bubbles.*

 My friend Heather recommends the Nose Frida.
She loves using it on her second daughter and wishes it had been around when her first was born.

8. A pack n'play

9. A good car seat

10. A good stroller
*If 9 and 10 can go together, even better!*

11. Lots of diapers and wipes

12. A good diaper disposal system 

13. A diaper bag that includes: At least five diapers, travel wipes, one extra pair of clothes, travel trash bags, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, extra pacifier, swaddle blanket

Again, this is a list that some of my friends and I came up with.  This is in no way a comprehensive list, nor are we any kind of experts.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding specific products.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I highly, highly recommend the avent that! Also, someone gave us Aden and Anais blankets for Ruthie and they are the only blankets that I can successfully swaddle with...LOVE them! We also got a baby bjorn bib (think that was the brand) for Ruthie and it's is so easy to clean!