Monday, July 28, 2014

Organizing my "everything closet"

For the past month our house has been in chaos and I have spent most of my free time trying organize the chaos.

First, Ben and Jim moved two desks, two chairs, and a bookcase from our guest room to our basement so we could move the baby furniture into the guest room (and turn it into a baby's room).

Second, I left my job, so I brought home five years worth of teaching materials, equipment, and classroom supplies.

Third, we needed to rearrange several closets to make room for all of the baby stuff/ work stuff/ and other random stuff.

Fourth, we have been selling some furniture on Craigslist since we rearranged, and we have purchased new furniture that is replacing old furniture (blog post to come on that later).

So finally... we have the baby's room organized and now I have finished my "everything closet" that is in the basement (Ben will tell you that I reorganized closets about three times a year, so don't be surprised if this changes).

Below are some pictures of my "everything closet" and how it is currently organized:

 View of the closet

 On the floor: Emergency supplies
White bin is full of candles and flashlights, pink bin is full of water and food

 First shelf: Wrapping supplies
Large bin: bags and tissue paper
Small bin (1): cards and small bags
Small bin (2): Ribbon
Red bin: scissors and tape
To the right are miscellaneous items to wrap gifts

 Second shelf: Party supplies
Large bin on left: Large plates and napkins
Small bins: (1) Small napkins, (2) More small napkins, (3) plastic utencils
To the right are cups

 Third shelf: Office Supplies
I have bins of crayons, markers, and colored pencils, pens, and pencils
More bins of glue sticks, staplers, tape, scissors
On the right is paper with a hole puncher on top

Top shelf: Miscellaneous
Blue bin: Light bulbs
White box: Teaching supplies
Colorful boxes: Empty but can be used for anything

On the floor to the right: Miscellaneous
I have all of my wrapping paper in this large bin
Behind the wrapping paper are our golf clubs and other athletic equipment

Now that I am done with the project, it's time to find another one.

Happy Monday!

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