Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week in Review

We have had a really busy week around here (hence, the no blogging) so I wanted to catch you up on the goings-on around here.

 Tuesday afternoon with my baby

 Wednesday we loaded up the car and went to chick-fil-a for lunch.
We now go through the drive thru and then park and eat.
It is so much easier and it is still super yummy!

 Someone loves applesauce...

 And Chick-Fil-A nuggets

 Thursday morning selfies.
My neighbors do a preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we hosted this week, this is a picture of us before everyone came over (and before Caroline took the worlds longest nap)

 Friday morning selfies.
My big sister from my sorority, Laura, came over with her son, Graham, for lunch and catching up.
They just moved to the area and I had such a great time seeing both 
of them and watching the kids play.

 She grabbed the phone as I was snapping the picture and this is what came out.
She is a selfie pro.  :)

 Friday night we stopped by my cousins' house to drop off dinner.
My Aunt Leslie was visiting because Jessica had her baby (yay!).

 My girls with their Great Aunt Leslie!

 Saturday morning, I got up with this nugget

 Big sister joined us about an hour later

 Once Ben came downstairs, Elizabeth decided it was time to climb

 Ben is good at multitasking

 This girl...

not smiling for the camera

 I went to get a massage and while I was gone, Ben decided to make something delicious...

Saturday afternoon we celebrated Pi Day with two homemade pies.
Ben made custard pie and three-layer chocolate pie.
So yummy!

 Jim, Anuja, and Samara came over for Pi Day
Samara and Caroline had a ton of fun playing together

Ben and Caroline AND Jim and Samara

 Saturday night, Ben showed me how to make pizza
(dough and all)

Sundays are my shopping days.  I get everything we are going to need for the week and I am blessed to have a husband that stays home and keeps the girls entertained while I run around town shopping all the best deals.

I went to a few stores today for our groceries, baby items, and FREE Easter candy-
 Aldi, Harris Teeter, and CVS

At Aldi I got: 
(1) gallon of milk ($2.69)
(1) 16oz bag of baby carrots ($0.49)
(1) bag of salad ($0.99)
(1) bag of chocolate pretzels ($1.69)
(1) 3-pound bag of onions ($0.79)
(1) 5-pound bag of red potatoes ($1.29)

Total spent: $7.94
*Aldi does not accept coupons.  However  all of the items are significantly less expensive at Aldi than any other grocery store around (I compared Trader Joes, Harris Teeter, and Giant)

 At CVS I got:
(3) bags of Pampers diapers (on sale for $8.99 each)
(1) box of wipes (on sale for $2.99)
(5) Snickers eggs (on sale for 99 cents, and buy one get one free)
(1) bag of plain M&Ms (on sale for $2.50)

Total spent: $12.94 (I also got back $10 ECB)
Total saved: $36.16
*I had coupons for everything.  I had $10 in ECB, $4 off any $20 purchase at CVS.
I had (3) $1.50 off diapers coupons, I had (2) $1 off any (2) snickers coupons.
I had $1 off one bag of M&Ms,
 and on the shelf was a coupon for buy one bag of M&Ms, get a free egg.
At Harris Teeter I got:
(5) bags of cheese
(1) package of turkey sandwich meat
(3) boxes of Mott's gummy snacks
(2) bottles of Vanilla
(1) package of sandwich thins
(1) bag of sugar
(3) cans of red enchilada sauce
(1) bag of tortillas
(2) jars of ragu
(2) pillsbury crescent rolls
(1) package of butter
(1) carton of orange juice
(1) carton of lactose free milk
(1) one-pound of strawberries
(1) package of Mexican rice
(1) package of chocolate chip muffins

Total spent: $37.75
Total saved: $34.71
*The cheese was on sale, buy 2 get 3 free.
The turkey meat was regular price.
The gummy snacks were on sale for $2.  I had $1 off coupon.
The vanilla was on sale $1.99/bottle.  I had $1 off 2 coupon.
The sandwich thins were half price and I had $1.10 coupon.
Sugar was regular price.
Enchilada sauce was buy 1 get 1 free.  I needed 3.
Tortillas were regular price.
Ragu was buy 1 get 1 free.  I had $1.25 off 2 coupon.
Crescent rolls on sale 2/$4.  I had $1 off 2 coupon.
Butter was half price.
Orange juice was on sale for $2.50
Milk was on sale for $3.00
Strawberries were half price
Mexican rice was regular price
Chocolate chip muffins were on sale for $1

Total spent for the week: $58.63
Total saved for the week: $70.87

Our dinner meal plan for the week:
Sunday- Homemade Cheese Pizza
Monday- Chicken enchiladas, Mexican rice
Tuesday- Corned Beef, carrots, and potatoes
Wednesday- Pasta and meatballs with salad
Thursday- Breakfast (Muffins, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon)
Friday- Skillet meal

Hope you had a great week and weekend.

Happy Sunday! 

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