Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Review

We have had a very busy weekend around here. 

Friday morning started with me getting up very early and driving about 35 minutes out to Reston to get an MRI on my right ankle.  I don't get the results until the end of this week, but my orthopedic wants to rule out a high ankle sprain and damage to my Achilles tendon. 

Friday afternoon I had my second physical therapy session.  I did about 25 minutes of physical therapy (lots of eversion/inversion and dorsiflexion exercises and then some walking and balancing exercises) and then had 15 minutes of stim and ice.

Getting my stim and ice.

Friday night we watched the first episode of House of Cards and caught up with some shows on our DVR.  

On Saturday, we were all up early and then Ben left and went to his dentist appointment.

Once Ben got home, I went over to the grocery store for some coupon shopping.

I spent $25 and saved $46.
Free frozen vegetables, 3 boxes of free pasta, and 3 jars of free pasta sauce.

Saturday afternoon, our friends Adam and Shelley came over with their daughter, Fiamma.  Fiamma turned one-month-old yesterday and we were excited to host her for a little visit!

 Shelley and Adam even let me feed her!

She is such a sweet baby!
Look at those beautiful eyes!  :)

 Fiamma, 1 month
Caroline, 5 months
Elizabeth, 3 years

 (I have no idea what Elizabeth is doing here)

These girls are so cute!

On Sunday, we had snow and ice in the morning, but I still headed out to the butcher and grocery store.  

In the afternoon we hung around the house, then we had Jessica and Noah over for dinner.  Ben made a whole chicken and I made garlic mashed potatoes.  Jessica and Noah brought salad and homemade lemon and blueberry cupcakes.  *YUM!*

We have had a very blessed weekend around here and we hope you have had one too.

Happy Sunday!

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