Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Review (sick addition)

We had a long weekend around here.  

A long, everyone is sick, weekend.

 Friday afternoon we all hung out on the couch.

I love these three!

 Saturday morning, trying to get this girl to smile.

 Mission accomplished!

 My family.

 Saturday, Elizabeth did a lot of this.

 Caroline did some of this.

And Elizabeth did some more of this.
She has this thing where she takes off one sock.  
I have no idea why.

 Saturday night, Elizabeth requested chocolate cake.
I made my new go-to recipe chocolate dump cake.
Elizabeth didn't eat a bite.  
Ben and I have eaten half of it.  :)

 Saturday night, it was time to climb on Dad's shoulders

 Sunday morning, I ran over to the baby store and bought a new thermometer.
This one is fantastic!
I could not find a regular thermometer anywhere in our house and we needed one.

 Sunday, Elizabeth did this all day.

 Caroline played some more.

When Elizabeth wasn't laying down, we were trying to get her to drink.
She had water, apple juice, and milk.

Sunday night we ended up in the Kaiser after hours clinic because Elizabeth's fever (102) would not break after taking Tylenol for two days.  She didn't eat or drink much on Saturday or Sunday so my other concern was her getting dehydrated.  She ended up getting IV antibiotics and a bag of saline for hydration.  She has an infection (hence the antibiotics) and has to go back again today for another round of antibiotics.

Today, she has been much perkier and her fever finally broke late this morning.  She did eat breakfast and part of her lunch so I am happy to see this improvement.  She has also been drinking water and milk most of the day.

Now... if I can get rid of my sore throat and running nose, Ben's cough, and Caroline's runny nose- 
we will be all good. 

Happy Monday!

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