Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Catching up!

I have been unexpectedly absent for over 2 weeks as we have had one thing after another occur.  Everything from Caroline throwing up to Ben and I being knocked down with a summer cold.  We have also seen Caroline have a two-week virus that caused diarrhea all day and night (for two whole weeks) and Elizabeth getting carsick on a trip to Pennsylvania (my car still smells).  But, we have had some fun in between all of us being sick- we have been to the pool, Elizabeth did a week of half-day summer camp, we have eaten a lot of popsicles and ice cream, played at the water table on the deck, and a load of fun around the house.

Here is a recap of the last two weeks:

 Monday (June 8th), Elizabeth was getting a little silly with Caroline's toys

 She dumped out all the baby toys and sat in the box

That night, Ben and I brought back Margarita Monday

Wednesday (the 10th) I finally got a smile from this sick baby

 On Thursday (the 11th) Elizabeth played Candy Land by herself.  :)

 Once Caroline went down for her morning nap, 
Elizabeth and I made double chocolate chip cookies.

 I love having a little assistant.

 Selfies while the cookies bake

 On Friday (the 12th), Ben woke up sick.
But... I had planned a surprise date for us.
Lunch and a movie while the girls went to Mrs. Vicki's house.
So... Ben powered through and we enjoyed Johnny Rockets and Jurassic World.

He has been talking about this movie for months and 
it was so much fun to have a date in the middle of the day.
(I can't even remember the last time I saw a movie on opening day)

On Saturday, Ben was really sick, but I had made plans to go to a brunch for Liz's birthday (and he insisted I go).  So, I headed out with some friends to celebrate Liz at Nellie's Drag brunch in DC.  Everything was really good and we all had fun.  After I got back, we hung around the house all weekend.  I did manage to get a couple of projects done on Sunday...

On Sunday, I made a chalkboard for Elizabeth to use in pictures.
 I put down some newspaper

 I picked up the chalkboard paint at Michael's

 And the picture frame at Michael's.  
I wanted one with a white frame and the dollar store didn't have any.

Take the glass out of the frame... and spray two coats of paint.

After the two coats have dried, you have to wait 24 hours to use.
Put the glass back in the frame and you are good to go!

While I waited for the chalkboard to dry, I made this graduation tower for our cousin John.
He graduated from high school a few weeks ago and I made this as his gift.
It has all sorts of college necessities (ramen, popcorn, flash cards, high lighters).
He's going to WVU in the fall and so I also picked up a few things from the school.
We headed up to Pennsylvania this past weekend for his graduation party and (I think) he enjoyed his gift.  :)

Monday (the 15th) Elizabeth went to her first day of summer camp.
(This coincides with the first day I was sick)
She has been talking about going to camp for four months and the day had finally arrived.
I got myself together to make the morning special for her.
(She loved taking pictures with the chalk board in front of the garage)

She was so excited!

 Showing off her back pack

I was sick all week and so we didn't do much of anything besides take Elizabeth to camp and pick her up from camp.  Monday and Tuesday I was hit pretty hard by the summer cold, but Wednesday I had a tad more energy and did a couple of things.

 This is Caroline Wednesday morning (the 17th)

 She is almost always standing when we come in to get her.
See those curtains next to her bed?  She has started pulling them through the crib.
We have to move her crib further away from the window.

 Wednesday afternoon snuggles.

Thursday morning before camp.  Everyone was up really early.
Like before Ben went to work, all of us were downstairs.
They usually don't even wake up until after he leaves for the office.

 Thursday after naps, I couldn't see them and I looked around the couch and saw this

 I LOVE watching them together.
It makes my momma heart so happy. :)

 And then Elizabeth "hugs" Caroline.
Ben and I think she has somehow seen the sleeper hold and keeps trying to get it right.

 Friday morning came around and it was the last day of camp!

She loved every. single. minute.
Now, she has never told me what she did, but I know she loved it.
I mean, look at that smile!

 We didn't tell her to do this, she just sat down and started posing.

Friday afternoon I went to the eye doctor, and then Friday night I babysat for my cousins while they had a much needed date night.  It was a busy day with camp ending, a doctor appointment, and babysitting; but I was just happy to have enough energy to do it all and to start getting over this awful summer cold.

Saturday we drove to Pennsylvania for John's graduation party.  We had a little adventure, about 20 miles from Ben's parents house, Elizabeth threw up all over the backseat.  I mean all over.  We spent 25 minutes at a gas station trying to get her and the car seat cleaned up enough to travel.  It. was. awful.  The smell was so bad that Ben and I both got sick after we got to his parents house (we didn't throw up, but we both got very nauseous and lightheaded).

After several hours of recuperation,  we headed to John's graduation party and enjoyed spending the afternoon and evening with lots of family. 

 Ben took a ton of pictures on his phone and they all came out blurry, except for this one.
It started pouring right as dinner was served (they roasted a pig).

Sunday morning we headed back to DC so we could spend the day celebrating Ben.  He got lots of goodies (beer) and a special treat (golf next weekend with Jim).  Ben and I enjoyed a nice steak dinner once the girls were in bed.

 My attempt at father-daughter pictures for Father's Day.

 My loves!

 Steak dinner and a father's day beer

 Monday afternoon, I walked into the living room and saw her sitting like this.
Tiara. Check.
Princess Sophia doll. Check.
Socks and sandals.  Check.
Oh boy...

This morning after the gym, I opened a bag from Old Navy (thank you online shopping) and pulled out this hat I ordered for Elizabeth.  Of course she loves it because 1) it's pink and 2) it has Minnie Mouse on it.  #momwin

This is Elizabeth before bed tonight.
1) Look how long her hair is!
2) She still has the hat one
3) Of course she is watching Mickey Mouse

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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