Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Review

This weekend we were very busy and had a TON of fun.  We got together with friends, enjoyed family time, worked out, and Ben read at Mass.

Friday morning I posted this picture of Caroline.
She really is everywhere!

 Friday night, Ben and I went out on a group date.  :)

All the ladies.  :)

 Saturday morning popsicles before lunch


 Saturday afternoon we enjoyed playtime and family time.

 Our cute baby!

 Saturday afternoon, we headed to the playground
Ben was reading at Mass and the girls wanted to play outside.
How could I say no?

She loves watching Elizabeth

Sunday afternoon we went to a birthday party (where I forgot to take pictures) and then I headed to the grocery store while the girls took naps and Ben did some work.  We had a wonderful weekend and we hope that you did as well.

Happy Monday!

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