Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Review

We had a great weekend around here!

 Friday morning we headed to Krispy Kreme and met Sasha for breakfast.
It was great to catch up (and have doughnuts for breakfast).
This is us in the parking lot before meeting Sasha.

 After doughnuts, we came home for Caroline's nap and Elizabeth played with a balloon

for a long time :)

 After Caroline's nap, we had indoor sister play time.

In the afternoon, I took the girls to the pool (by myself) and we enjoyed about 1 1/2 hours of pool time before heading home for baths and dinner.  Caroline loved floating in the pool and Elizabeth ate a snack, swam a little, and tried to play with the big kids.

Once Caroline was in bed, Ben watched Elizabeth so I could go for a run. 

 I did 2 miles and I ran the entire 1st mile.
This was my first time running a mile since my injury.

Ben took this of me recovering from the heat (and run)

 Friday night, Ben and I enjoyed HIS and HERS long island iced teas :)

 Saturday morning, Elizabeth and I headed to the dentist.
It was her first appointment and time for me to get my teeth cleaned again.
After the dentist, I completed my first acupuncture treatment.
I thought it went well and I am going to do a few more of them.

Saturday night, Adam and Shelley (and Fiamma!) came over for dinner.
They are moving in a week and we are very very sad to see them leave,
but very happy for them too!
Ben took a quick picture of me with Fiamma before they left Saturday night.
Isn't she the cutest?

 Ben read at Mass on Sunday night, so Sunday morning we got to hang around the house and enjoy lots of snuggles on the couch


 Sunday afternoon, the girls took naps, Ben was relaxing at home, 
and I got to go to the pool all by myself!
I read an entire magazine.  *sigh* 

After naps we played on the driveway...

AND had popsicles.
Will you look at her?!?
She has her legs crossed! 
 When did she grow up?

 These are my baby loves this morning.
Caroline doesn't feel very good so we are staying close to home today.

This makes my heart so happy!

Happy Monday!

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