Friday, June 5, 2015

Our week

We have had a great (rainy) week around here.  It has involved lots of inside time with art projects, fevers, toys everywhere, and playing in the basement.  We have also had a cousin and some friends come over for a visit.

 Monday morning, Caroline had a fever so we stayed in and played in our jammies.

 Sister love!

  Elizabeth and I went to the playground in the afternoon.

 We built a "sandcastle"

 Tuesday morning, this nugget was feeling better.

 That's the smile I was missing on Monday

After I worked out Tuesday night, I enjoyed a patron margarita*
*courtesy of Adam and Shelley and the patron they gave us :)
Ben got home from poker and he joined me in enjoying a cocktail

 Wednesday, it was pouring outside and Caroline was up before Elizabeth.
I rarely get one on one time with this sweet baby so I really soak it up when I do.

 While Caroline napped, we did some glitter painting

 She is so focused on her art projects :)

Afternoon cuddles with Mommy 

 Once Ben was done with work, we picked up our baby cousin from his fabulous babysitter
His parents were attending a class, so the girls got to enjoy some cousin time

3 years, 8 months, and almost 3 months

 Wednesday night, Ben and I mixed it up and enjoyed a glass of red wine.
If you know me, you know I love pinot grio and rarely drink red.
I think my pallet is changing because I am really starting to enjoy reds as well.

 Thursday morning art projects from the art supplies GaGa gave us.

 Who doesn't love a purple horse?

 Caroline loved emptying her toy box

For lunch, Shelley and Fiamma came over with some delicious Chick-Fil-A and we enjoyed "eating" lunch while wrangling three kids.  I think Elizabeth ate half of one nugget, half her fries and 9 M&Ms, it took Shelley 90 minutes to eat her salad with Fiamma needing new diapers and getting tired, and I inhaled my nuggets and fries before Caroline drank her bottle and refused to eat her baby food.  Things did calm down once all the girls went down for naps and Shelley and I got enjoy a regular conversation.  Hey folks, it can't always be glamorous  :)

After naps, we played in the basement playroom.
Caroline and Elizabeth made their way into the castle tent.

Happy baby!

That has been our week around here.
I didn't workout yesterday, but Elizabeth and I did hit the gym this morning.  
I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and them some lifting.

What are your fitness plans for the weekend?  

Here are some recommendations for some healthy substitutions to sitting on the couch watching The Real housewives reruns:

1a) Go to the pool
1b) Get in the pool
2) Go for a walk on Saturday AND Sunday around your neighborhood before breakfast
3) Go for a hike with your kids/spouse/dog
4) Check out a new park and walk the trails
5) Play tennis with a friend
6a) When you go grocery shopping this weekend, park in the spot furthest from the door
6b) When you get inside the store, don't go down any isle.  Only shop the outer loop of the store.
7) Take a picnic to a park, bring a frisbee (or chalk and bubbles)
8) Pull out your bike.  Take it for a ride.
9) Go dancing
10) You pay for a gym membership?  Go use it!  (Both days)

Have a great weekend!

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