Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Happy Wednesday blog world!

Did you accept the challenge?

I saw this last night and laughed so hard.
I mean, isn't it partially true?
People do workout to look good (among other reasons).

 I didn't hit the gym yesterday, instead I did a DVD workout once the girls were in bed (and once I was off the phone with Stacy).  So at 9:05pm I started my workout.

 I wanted to mix up my regular routine so I pulled out this gem.
Paula Abdul can dance. 
She made zumba popular before it was called zumba :)

 Work it Paula!

Beginning my workout

I danced it up for 30 minutes and then watched Pretty Little Liars. 
During the commercial breaks, I did crunches (instead of fast forwarding).

So, today I am challenging you again.
I want you to do one strengthening exercise.
Pick (at least) one:

Lunges: 20 each leg
Bicep curls: (if you don't have weights, grab soup cans) 20 each arm
Push ups: as many as you can (modified push-ups count!)
Squats: as many as you can

If you aren't sure how to do any of the above exercises, check out YouTube, there a video editorials.

And finally...

I'm sure I totally looked like Britney last night.  :)

Happy Wednesday!

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