Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Review

We had a nice weekend around here.  

Friday morning I got my hair done- highlights and a hair cut

Here's a during-the-process action shot for your viewing pleasure :)

In the afternoon, I took Caroline for her nine-month appointment.
She is doing great!

 Saturday morning, these two got a little silly.

Ben ran to Harris Teeter for me to pick up these free toasted pitas.
He grabbed 2 bags and some hamburger/hotdog buns for me.
I have a wonderful husband...

After Ben ran to HT, he was supposed to play 18-holes of golf with Jim as his father's day gift.
Well... it was pouring outside.  He called the course and they let them cancel with no penalty.  :)
Instead, the spent several hours at Top Golf playing, having lunch, and enjoying some beer.

 Jim took these of Ben at Top Golf

After Ben got home, Elizabeth and I made red, white, and blue rice krispy treats.
I am thinking of making them for the 4th of July and wanted to do a test run.
We had a ton of fun making them and they turned out great!

 My assistant, she loves "assisting" 

 First layer, red

 Second layer, white

 Third layer, blue

 Hey mom, THIS IS FUN!!!

Finished product

 I have great memories of helping my mom make rice krispy treats 
and I look forward to making those same memories with my girls

 While Elizabeth and I were busy in the kitchen, 
someone was learning how to climb onto the couch

So proud!

 Saturday night, we babysat baby cousin so his parents could go on a date.

These two are so cute!

On Sunday, Ben read at Mass during the girl's lunch time so I stayed home with them.
After lunch, we went outside and did liquid chalk on the driveway (and a little real chalk).

 Elizabeth LOVES to paint the driveway

Caroline woke up early from her afternoon nap, 
so she joined me in watching Gilmore Girls while Ben was out playing tennis :)

Sunday night (and Saturday night) Ben and I enjoyed chocolate fondue 
and cocktails while watching Netflix.

We hope you had a great weekend.

Happy Monday y'all!

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