Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Super Doubles at Harris Teeter, Saved 86%!

This morning, the girls and I headed to Harris Teeter for the beginning of Super Doubles.  We made two trips to two different stores and walked away with a TON of savings!

For our 1st trip:

(4) bottles of Kraft salad dressing
(2) bottles of grey poupon
(1) canister of Plum puffs
(2) Old Spice deodarant
(2) Pantene conditioners
(2) Men's body washes
(1) Pantene mousse
(4) Protein bars
(5) Boxes of Pop Secret popcorn
(2) Ortega taco seasonings
(1) Box of Special K Bars
(3) Bags of Sister Schubert tolls
(1) 8-count of Sandwich thins

Total spent: $14.31
Total saved: $88.63
Value: $102.94
Percentage saved: 86%

For our 2nd trip:

(3) Boxes of Hefty quart size bags
(3) Boxes of Hefty gallon size bags
(1) Gallon of milk
(2) Boxes of Mott's gummie snacks
(1) Box of Archway cookies
(1) Bag of coffee
(1) Men's body wash
(2) Pantene mousse
(1) Pantene dry shampoo
(2) Packages of Gerber baby food
(1) Colgate toothrush
(2) Boxes of Dole Squeezies
(1) 8-count ballpark hotdogs
(1) 8-count go-gurt
(1) Bag of chips

Total spent: $18.65
Total saved: $63.19
Value: $81.84

Percentage saved: 77%

Today's totals:

 Total Spent: $32.96
Total saved: $151. 82
Total value: $184.78

Happy Wednesday!

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