Thursday, June 25, 2015

Confessions of being a Mom

My post last month about little "momfessionals" or confessions of being a mom was so popular that I thought I would do it again this month.

We all have our day-to-day momfessional/dadfessional moments, but when you add sick kids/sick parents into the mix, you confessions take on a whole new spin.  Life is not perfect and I think these little confessions help remind me of that.

Sometimes I just need want to go to Target by myself.
I want to take my time, not chase anyone around the store, not stop to use the potty, 
and not avoid entire sections of the store because 
it will cause meltdowns (toys, seasonal, dollar bins, bikes, grocery).

Sometimes I just want to be alone 
(with all the other people shopping at Target)

Sick Days
As a stay-at-home mom, I don't get sick days.  I really really really miss sick days.
When I was working, I could still send Elizabeth to daycare 
and actually have time to rest and recover.
Now... I am praying to God that 1:30 shows up FAST so the girls can go down for a nap
 and I can take a nap too.

Sick Days (part 2)
I thought the worst was having a sick baby.
I was wrong.
The worst is having a toddler throw up in her car seat.
It is Thursday, Elizabeth threw up in my car last Saturday-
It. Still. Smells.
I can't even begin to describe that experience and I pray that all of you parents out there never have to go through that.  I was am willing to do ANYTHING to get that smell out of my car.  
The entire car ride to Ben's parents house after Elizabeth threw up I had two thoughts:
2) Ben, drive faster and get us the heck out of this car

**Thank God for Ben.  He cleaned up the car seat while I cleaned up Elizabeth.
By the time we got to his parents house, we both got so sick from the smell.
We were both on the floor with sprite and crackers feeling lightheaded, nauseous, and dizzy.

Any suggestions for getting vomit smell out of cars is greatly appreciated.

As the mom of a toddler, we do a lot of coloring.
I had forgotten how much fun coloring was until Elizabeth and I both sat down with coloring books.
It has become a bit of zen activity for me.
Until...someone ruins MY coloring

I mean, I worked really hard on staying in the lines, finding complimentary colors, and relaxing.
Then someone *cough Elizabeth cough* comes over to *help* me.
Zen lost :)
I do love that she wants to color with me and I know these days will be gone soon, at least that is my mantra that is on constant repeat.

I am a must. have. breakfast. now. kind of person.
I have to eat breakfast and I cannot go without it.
Elizabeth is a brunch person.
She wants some milk when she gets up and then is ready to eat around 10.
Some days, she only wants a beverage, or two, or three...

She has milk in the red, water in the green, and juice in the yellow.
I just look at her and laugh (on the inside) 
#iamneverthatthirsty #musthavefoodnow

I have been getting up around 5:30 to walk/jog/run before everyone gets up and we have to get started on our day.  I have been using my "gym time" to lift or try the gym classes.  I love this time by myself and it gives me a chance to gather my thoughts, plan our day, and stay fit.
 With that being said, if my girls are awake before 7am, I consider it was too early.  I can be gone for 45 minutes walking and when I get home at 6:30 and discover Elizabeth is awake and watching cartoons in our bed I feel like she woke up way too early.
5:30-7 is my time and they should totally be aware of that, right?  right?  :)

Caroline this morning
(up at 6:30, BTW- Elizabeth got up at 8:15)
Can't they plan to sleep in on the same days?

Those are my confessions for this month.
Feel free to leave a comment below of one (or more) of your confessions.

Happy Thursday!

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