Thursday, July 2, 2015

4th of July recipes!

So... I LOVE the 4th of July!!!

And I have really gotten into making, baking, and cooking.
So- I am combining my love of the 4th and my new enjoyment of making and baking to come up with some really tasty treats.
*Of course, Pinterest is very helpful :)

 These were so yummy.
Elizabeth and I made some earlier this week and we are making another batch tomorrow for the 4th.

 I got my recipe from Mix and Match Mama

 So good!

 I saw these on Pinterest and I am going to try to make a variation of them for the 4th.

And again, Pinterest is to thank for this idea.
If I have time, I am going to try to make these tomorrow.

Do you have any recipes you make for the 4th?
Does anyone else search Pinterest for ideas?

Happy Thursday!

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