Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cuddles, food, and a leak...

This week has been interesting and it's only half way over!

 Monday morning, we hung around the house...

 and played A LOT

 Cuddles with my smiley baby

 And playing with big sister's hat

 After the gym on Tuesday morning, I discovered this water mark on our ceiling.
It had not been there Monday night.  :/

 After the plumber came by for a visit, and cut a hole in our ceiling...

We discovered the girl's toilet was leaking. 
At least it's fixed now.

 This week I am enjoying a very colorful lunch.
I used to eat hummus and veggies for lunch All. The. Time.
But after getting pregnant with Elizabeth I lost interest in it.
But now... I am getting back into the groove.  :)

 Tuesday night I decided we needed a break from our house and we headed to Bob Evans for kids eat free night.  We never go out to eat in a restaurant and I want to get back into going out because I want the girls to know how to behave in a restaurant.

My view at dinner.  :)

After the girls went to bed, we enjoyed a margarita (me) and scotch (Ben).
Tuesday was a very long day...

 I tried something new with my hair today...
Before we headed to the gym for my run, I put it into a ponytail and then braided the ponytail.
My hair has gotten super long (for me) and it was getting tangled every time I workout.
Does anyone else do this when working out?  Or have any other suggestions?
This is a picture of my ponytail braid after running 4 miles.  I think it held pretty good.

 Elizabeth and I making funny faces before nap time.

 See this man?
This is my husband.
He is standing in the pouring rain to grill our shrimp dinner.
He is the best man I know.  
Thank you Ben!

Dinner tonight:
 Grilled lemon and pepper shrimp with steamed white rice and mixed veggies.

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