Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Las Vegas {Day 1}

We have been gone on vacation for the last ten days and we are finally back home and enjoying time with the girls.  Ben and I left the girls with his parents for nine days and ventured out to the west side of the country and back.

Monday (the 13th) we flew out of Pittsburgh at 6pm, had a layover in Chicago, and landed in Las Vegas at 12:30am (Monday night/Tuesday morning).

 First vacation photo, in the shuttle 

 Dinner at the airport

Massage to start the vacation off right!

 Headed to Vegas!

This is our bedroom.  We had a one bedroom suite.
 We stayed at The Linq on the strip.

 Our dining room and bar

 Our living room.

 Master bathroom

I will go into more detail later in the week about our absolutely wonderful experience at The Linq.  This hotel and casino was a 10 out of 10!  It is in the perfect location (between The Flamingo and Harrah's) and directly across from Caesars Palace.

After I was done taking these photos, I turned to Ben and asked him if he wanted to go out and walk around or go to sleep (it was about 1am in Vegas so 4am our time).

Well... that is when we discovered his phone was missing.

He had left it in the cab from the airport to the hotel.

I started calling the phone over and over and over and finally the cab driver answered!  A customer had handed him the phone.  The cab driver told us he would bring it back to the hotel and that he would be there in 20 minutes.  35 minutes later we are freaking out because the cab driver had not come back.  I start calling and calling again and again.  He finally answers and promises he is coming back.  Almost an hour and a half after our first call he shows up!  By that time it is 2:30am and we are wired from trying to get the phone back.  We grabbed a cocktail and started walking the strip until about 3:30am.

In front of The Mirage volcanoes

Treasure Island

And... that's a wrap on our first day in Las Vegas.  We had a blast walking around and seeing the lights in the middle of the night (morning) and it was the beginning of a great vacation!

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